day one

After being connected by a mutual friend (Tinder), I met Pete for the first time at Capizzi, a little pizza place in Hell's Kitchen. It was the day after Thanksgiving and despite being less than a block from my home, I was late and he was waiting patiently in the window. After dinner we made a pit stop at Amy's Bread for dessert and parted ways. I made it home fairly quickly only to get a text quite a bit later that Pete missed his stop and ended up in Queens. He claims it was because he was so smitten. 


and onward

I think I told Robert at the end of that night "So, I hope this doesn't scare you but I'd really love to see you again, like soon." Lucky for me, Robert wanted to see me again soon too and we ended up going on our second date (Robert chose ping-pong) two days later. From there, Robert and I fell in love and it's been cloud 9 ever since. We traveled, adopted our dog, Shelby, ate a lot of burgers, and eventually settled in to our nice little Upper West Side life together. And now, we're getting married and cannot wait!


Thanks for celebrating with us